Friday, December 4, 2015

E-mail Nov. 29, 2015: "What do you mean he's coming now???"

"Hey Elder we're out of Book of Mormons, when can we get more?"
"Umm, let me see... Hey you're in luck, President Clark will be passing by your zone in a few hours. We'll ask him to drop them off at your house."
"*gulp* Our house? a few hours?"
"Yup, make sure your apartment's clean. Take care."

As I hung up the phone a wave of dread washed over me as I surveyed our less-than-tidy apartment. We'd had a busy couple of weeks and hadn't spent much time cleaning, and it was beginning to show. A combination of garbage, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, and miscellaneous clutter which none of us could account for equated to a scene similar to the aftermath of a super typhoon. As I rushed to tell the other Elders that our mission president would be stopping by in few hours I saw the same expressions of shock and utter panic as each of them also realized how disastrous our home was. In short we spent every minute of our lunch hour (and a most of our language study) cleaning, sweeping, washing, and tidying up until our living quarters were somewhat more presentable. We waited in great anticipation until the familiar white Toyota Foretuner pulled up, right on time, and our mission president and his wife stepped out. As we walked outside to greet them he wasted no time in unloading and handing off two boxes full of Book of Mormons and then without wasting a moment shook our hands and drove off again.

He. Didn't. Even. Walk. Through. The. Gate. Gaaahhh...

Oh well, I learned a valuable lesson through that experience. As we were cleaning Elder Guardiana mentioned how "this is what it will feel like for many people during the millennium," and boy was he right. During out experience with our apartment I thought to myself about how much easier it would have been if we had just been in the habit of keeping our home clean all the time. It reminded me how no one knows when the Savior will come again and how important it is for each of us to stay prepared every day. Unlike our fiasco a couple of days ago when the second coming occurs there won't be time for a frantic "tidy up." Those who are ready will be ready, and those who aren't won't. It made me think about my own life; "if the Savior came today, how would I feel?" I invite each of you to ask yourself that question and determine, as I've done, if there's anything you should improve on. As we live our lives by the gospel each day in preparation for the final judgement the blessings will flow, I testify of that. :)

Oh, and I apologize for the scare last week, I think it worked a little to well. ;)

Thanks again for your love everyone, I wouldn't be where I am today without the support I've received and continue to receive from each of you. I'm happy to call you all my friends and family. Mahal ko kayong lahat. :)

Anyways until next time everyone, rock on. :)
-Elder Cloward

Elder Cloward is on the 2nd row, 5th from the right, behind the sister in the teal shirt.

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