Monday, November 23, 2015

E-mail Nov. 23, 2015, "I'm coming home..."

Hah! Gotcha.

As I clicked on the contacts for my email this week I wondered how many of you actually read my emails when they pop up in your inbox, so I decided to include a title that would make you check.

Email me if it worked, and then actually read this. ;)

I also included this title because it's also the title of a song I heard this week. One of the Elders in our kabahay showed us a popular song he had that had been re-written with missionary lyrics. Among a clever parody of words about preaching the gospel and crying repentance set to a rap were the words of the chorus- "I'm coming home".

The rhythm and tempo of the song set a perfect mood for a missionary going home after a faithful 2 years, and I couldn't help but wonder what it will be like when I'm looking out the window of an airplane bound for Salt Lake in another 8 months. As the plane floats gently over the ocean and on to the rocky mountains will my mind be filled with joy and satisfaction or will there be a tinge of sadness and regret that always accompanies the realization- "I could have done more"? It made me think back over the last 16 months and how I've served so far. Do I wish I'd done more? Of course, but at the same time as I see how far I've come as a missionary and as a disciple of Christ it fills me with peace knowing that if I continue to strive for obedience and diligence I'll return home with the sweet satisfaction that I've served well. It drives me to do my best every day and rely on the Lord to make up for my weaknesses.

As my time slowly winds down here I can't help but think that missionary life has a parallel to our entire mortal life. The closer I get to the end the more I push myself to work harder and not waste any time. The closer I get to the end the more I realize how short this time really is, and I imagine that down the road when I'm bent and gray I'll feel the same way about life. It helps me to see that time really is precious, and as I've learned to not waste a single minute out here I plan on perpetuating that attitude when I get home. Remember everyone, once time is spent you can't get it back, so make every moment count. :)

Ingat Po! 
-Elder Cloward

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