Friday, December 25, 2015

E-mail Dec. 20, 2015: "Congratulations, you've lived through a Super Typhoon. ...Again."‏

Now granted this typhoon wasn't nearly as bad as the last one and it didn't hit San Jose super hard, but it did cause some major flooding all over our zone. I was hoping that I'd seen the last of leaky ceilings when I left my last apartment, but my hope was in vain. After waking up Wednesday and saying my morning prayers I routinely hopped off the side of the top bunk, but this time instead of hitting dry ground, my feet landed on wet tiles and I ate it. Later, after nursing my bruised body and injured pride I looked outside our apartment to survey the damage. In short the street in front of our house had become an enormous swimming pool. Almost all day San Jose looked more like Venice Italy, and I was tempted to see if any of our neighbors had a paddle boat so we could still get to our appointments. Luckily the flooding was gone by the next day,  and instead we were plagued with a brown-out across the whole city. A brown out is the same as a black out, and when I asked Elder Thacker why it's called a brown out he said, "because that's when all the browns come out."
Yeah he's a little racist, but at least he's got a sense of humor.

"Elder Cloward what do you want for Christmas?"

I've been asked this question many times over these last couple weeks. But every time, before I can answer, my companion replies with "His Visa." Whether that's because Elder Thacker knows I want to get back to cows and curry or whether he just wants to be rid of me is yet to be determined, but either way his Christmas wish came true.

I got my Visa.

I'll be returning to India shortly after Christmas to finish out the rest of my mission, but I've got very mixed emotions about that. I've truly come to love the people of this country just as much as the people in India and back home. It's bitter sweet knowing that I'll be leaving so many friends that I've made here, but at the same time I'm excited to go back to many old friends. Most of all I trust that the Lord needs me back in India now and I'm happy to be where He wants me to be.

And I apologize, I'll have to send pictures next week.

Anyways until next time everyone, Stay Strong and Rock On. :)
-Elder Rain Clouds

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