Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dropping him off at the MTC!

I've decided that this "curbside" drop off thing is actually really great.  A lot less emotional than when we had to go in!  Kensi & Afton have had the hardest time today.  But we were able to stop the tears and distract them with the ferris wheel and fudge from Scheels on the way home!   (Okay, so maybe the fudge was a little bit for me, too.)  :)  We will all miss him, but are so excited for this adventure that Elder Cloward gets to have!

Nic and Luke got to say their goodbyes earlier this week.  You'll notice they aren't in the pictures.  They are at NYLT Boy Scout Camp this week.  They've been committed to camp since before Kaiden got his call, so off they went.  They got to talk to him this morning on the phone before he left though.

Ready to go!

With Afton, Kensi & Garrett

all of us

outside the MTC right before they whisked him away!

A few pictures from MTC day!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mission Photos

These pictures are from his mission photo shoot.  More pictures to come...