Monday, December 28, 2015

E-mail Dec. 27, 2015: "Loko Loko"

That pretty much describes our week this week.

Elder Thacker and I both knew that I'd be leaving for India very soon so he prepared himself to get a new companion and continue the work here in San Jose. At least that was the plan, but I'm learning that as a missionary things seldom go as planned.

There's an occasional event in the mission field that we call White Washing. 95% of the time during transfers one missionary leaves an area and a new one takes his place. That leaves the companion who stayed behind in charge of the area for a few weeks as he shows the new missionary where everything is and passes on key information. Once in a while however both the missionaries are taken out of an area and two new ones are put in to basically start the area again from scratch.

Guess what just happened to our area?

Elder Thacker got an unexpected "change of assignment" as he would have me call it. *cough cough, Assistant to the President, cough cough* Elder Thacker has been an extremely effective missionary and has given his all to this work so far, and we're excited for him to be able to serve the mission in his new assignment. That leaves our area in San Jose without any missionaries for a few days though, and we've been frantically trying to update our area book and leave enough notes so the new missionaries can pick up where we left off. Although I'm scared to death that some of the people I came to love in that area will get lost in the new hustle and bustle, I trust that with the Lord's help everything will go well.

I'm in Tarlac today, I'm heading to Manila tomorrow, and I'll  be on a plane to India by Wednesday. Sorry this is so short but these next few days are going to be pretty busy.

Pictures though!

Our returning member, Nanay Marson and her son Jefferson (right).
Also pictured: two neighborhood kids and two white guys.

One of our members raises pigs.

Whoa, hey now...


And this is what happens when they grow up. It's called Lechon.


The little boy in the middle is named Zelph, so technically this is a Zelphie. ;)

The one and only Tatay Vic.
I love this beautiful country.

Until next time everyone, Stay Strong and Rock On. :)
-Elder Cloward

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