Tuesday, March 29, 2016

E-mail March 28, 2016: "Hot & Spicy"

No I'm not declaring my favorite flavor at KFC (although that's still an appropriate guess). Hot and Spicy basically sums up what life is like here in good ol' Hyderabad. I'll admit I forgot how blistering hot the temperature is here. Although I haven't yet suffered heat stroke I know that it's waiting to claim me as soon as I forget to pack water outside so I'm being extra careful. On top of that as if the temperature outside wasn't bad enough the signature spice here in Telangana serves to light my insides on fire as well at almost every meal. I'm adjusting to both though and I have to admit that I enjoy being in this unique and mystic city once again.

The work here is going a little slow right now. We didn't visit many investigators last week due to several holidays going on but we did have the chance to meet with many of the members. The members here are warm and friendly and most have an uncanny sense of Indian Humor which keeps us smiling. As we visit the members we're doing our best to build their trust in us as dedicated servants of the Lord and we're seeing positive results from that. Most of our current investigators are children from either part member families or are good friends with church members so we rely heavily on the active members to help fellowship and even bring them to church. I'm grateful for the support we're receiving in this area and I trust that as we do our part it will continue to increase.

Oh, and some sad news. Elder Sunny, who has literally been a ray of sunshine in this companionship is being transferred tomorrow. He'll be going to Bengaluru to serve in the south part of the convent Road ward, a place that's very close to my heart. Although I've only known him a short while we've become good friends and I'll miss him after he's gone. Elder Bandi and I are both staying though and we'll both likely be finishing our missions here. We're ready to keep working hard and to tear it up as best as we can here in A. S .Rao. :)


Our district took a trip to Golkonda Fort last week on P-Day. Golkonda fort is an ancient palace built almost 500 years ago (I think) on the top of a hill overlooking almost all of Hyderabad.  I don't remember if I sent pictures from the last time I visited so if I did bear with me. ;)

View from the front gate.

This, my friends, is called racism.

if you look closely you can see the fort is built all the way up the hill.

Peaceful little walkway. If I wasn't with a bunch of other Elders I'd probably even call it romantic.

My crazy companions: Elder Sunny (left) and Elder Bandi (right).

Almost to the top...

I couldn't resist taking one of these. ;)

Beautiful palace on the very tip of the mountain.

Anyways as always everyone stay strong and rock on. :)
-Elder "Cloudy"

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