Thursday, April 7, 2016

E-mail April 4, 2016: "Good bye..."

Since I've come to India I've heard many stories about Elders going home for injuries but I never thought I'd end up being one of them. On Friday as we were traveling back to our apartment for lunch I slipped while getting out of an auto right as a bike tried to pass on the same side. The bike driver tried to swerve but the bike skidded and he lost his balance. The bike and driver landed on top of me and broke my leg. After going to the ER the doctors told me I had a compound fracture and it needed serious attention. The doctor did what he could but it's bad enough that I need to come back to America for surgery so it can heal properly. I'll be flying back tomorrow and because I only have 4 months left and my visa will be expired again by the time I finish healing I'm getting an honorable early release. I'll miss India but I've gathered so many good memories and I'll never forget the things I learned.

Before Friday though the week wen't really great. We dropped several of our old investigators because they weren't progressing but the Lord blessed us as we were able to find even more than we lost. We were literally guided all week to people who were willing to listen to our message. We ended up finding more investigators in just a few days than all of last month combined. It truly was a miracle.

The more I recognize the miracles that area happening in this work the more I realize how little I actually do. Although I'm trying to work hard and be obedient there's no way that I could possible know where to go or what to say the way that we've been able to recently. At the end of three of our appointments this week the people we were teaching were skeptical and asked difficult questions about God, Joseph Smith, or the Book of Mormon. I was amazed as every time my companion and I were able to answer all of the questions in such a way that the investigators were either satisfied or had no room to argue. I know that the things I said didn't come from me, and I'm so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who gave us the words we needed "in the very hour" that we needed them. Two of those appointments led to return appointments and the other we're satisfied that we did our best and we at least gave them a chance. God is behind this work and if we do our best and remain worthy He will work miracles through us, I testify of that.

Stay strong and rock on everyone. :)
-Elder Cloward

Oh, and I didn't actually break my leg.
April Fools! ;)

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