Sunday, October 4, 2015

E-mail: Sept 27, 2015 "Why is laughter the best medicine? Because when you overdose it actually makes you live longer!"

Quotes from the past few weeks:

From one of my Filipino cabahays (room mates)- "Hey Joe! You looks like a Joe!"

As one of our recent converts called to invite his brother in for the lesson- "Can you come into the out now?"

One of the sister missionaries who gave the training during district meeting- "Gah... you guys are all going to hell." (thankfully she wasn't referring to us. ...I think.)

As one of the sister missionaries was explaining their investigators problem- "We've taught him the Word of Wisdom but he's still smoking three sticks of espresso each day."

And I found this written on the chalkboard when we walked into one of the church classrooms a few weeks ago- "Being a LDS is best thing happen in my life."

We have a lot of fun over here. Whether it be with the missionaries, members, or people we meet on the street, there's always something said that makes us laugh, and it's usually because whoever was speaking tried to use English and it didn't come across right. On the other hand though I think it's so cool how despite obvious language barriers or mistakes the truths of the gospel are the same. "Being a LDS is best thing happen in my life." is a beautiful declaration from someone who recognizes how important the gospel is to them. It's a reminder to me that although the seemingly insurmountable language barriers in the Philippines and in India are often frustrating and occasionally discouraging, the Spirit can and does speak to those who's hearts are ready to listen. I think the same is true even where individuals speak the same language. Often there will be those who don't care what we have to say and won't listen when we try to reach out, but if we can help them to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost, which I've learned comes as we love and selflessly serve them, He can speak the language that everyone already knows and yearns to hear, the language of the Spirit. I testify of that.


Angeles District 2, from left to right- Elder Clouds, Elder Ditan, Elder Flores (in the front), Elder Gemelo, Sister Mepania, Sister Tikeri, Sister Estrada, and Sister Borrowman.

I love Filipino bugs (this one's bigger than the spider).

A not-so-little friend we became acquainted with a few weeks ago. (I took the picture after hitting him with a broom when I thought he was dead. Turns out he was only unconscious and tried to kill me a few minutes later).

A flaming 1 to represent one year in the refiner's fire completed and one more to go.

A flaming tie because, well, it's hump day, and we like lighting things on fire.

Ending Hump day with donuts and Milo. (There ain't nothing better).

Mahal Kita everyone!
-Elder Cloward

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  1. That centipede looks just like the one I woke up to whiIe was in the field in Peru. I had just knelt at my bed to make the covers and say my morning prayers when I turned back the cover to see it on top. Scared me so bad. And it moved so quickly.