Sunday, October 4, 2015

E-mail: Sept 20, 2015 "Oh come on, it's not even October yet!"

These last few weeks I've become acquainted with what the locals over here call the "Ber Months", meaning all the months ending with "ber"- september, october, novemeber, etc. They're characterized by scorching temperatures (at least right now) and every store selling Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music. Our neighbors bought a giant karaoke machine a little while ago so I've been waking up to "Last Christmas I gave you my heart" and selections from the Jackson 5 Christmas album every day for weeks now. I've developed a new love for Thanksgiving because I've realized that aside form being a great time to be thankful, the holiday keeps the Christmas spirit at bay a little bit longer in the US. My Filipino companions all believe I'm a heartless Scrooge because I'm under the strong opinion that the Christmas season belongs in December and nowhere else. I've tried to explain to them that just because I want to take an ax to every holiday tree set up before Halloween doesn't mean I hate Christmas, but I don't think they believe me. Oh well.

This week we taught the son of a recent convert and his wife for the first time. We started teaching them about the restoration and right from the beginning I could tell it wasn't going very well. They weren't paying very close attention and in the middle of the lesson two of their young boys ran in and started crying and and wanting attention. As I saw our lesson catapulting out of control I was worried they wouldn't let us come back if something didn't change. Not knowing what I could do, I said a silent prayer in my heart, "Heavenly Father, this lesson is falling apart, please help us save it." No sooner had I thought the words then the two boys almost immediately stopped crying and remained calm for the rest of the lesson. As the lesson progressed the Spirit entered and the couple began to listen intently. The lesson ended up going so well that for what I think was the first time on my mission, they came to church the first Sunday after we we invited them.

Do you believe in miracles? I do.

God answers our prayers when we put our trust in Him. I didn't say my prayer out loud, I wasn't even able to bow my head or fold my arms, but as I sent up a silent petition from my heart He heard me and answered immediately. Our Father in Heaven loves us and will answer us if we just have the faith to ask. I testify of that.

Anyways everybody mahal kita, manatili kahanga-hangang. :)
-Elder Cloward

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