Thursday, September 10, 2015

E-mail Aug. 23, 2015 "Why does everyone call you Home Schooled? You're not even weird."‏

-Were the words the new missionary who joined our companionship this week said after he met me. Nine Visa waiters from India came to the Philippines on Wednesday, but because transfers are this Thursday they sent them to stay with the other missionaries for a week. Elder Chand is the missionary who joined my companion and me, and it's definitely been a missionary-appropriate party all week. He's from Los Vegas and is serving in the New Delhi mission (third best mission in the world) and there's never a dull moment when he's around. Among the many crazy things he's done this week are flick-boxing a spider, catching a 15-pound duck, and trying to set my hair on fire (he got close too). On top of that though he's a fantastic missionary and Elder Operio and I will miss him after he gets reassigned this week. Something crazy I found out is that although he's from a different mission in India he's already heard about "Elder Cloward the Home Schooled kid", but he thinks I'm pretty normal. I guess we'll see how long that opinion remains after I try to set his hair on fire this time... ;)

In other news this week we had a less active family officially enter the "returned" status as they re-attended church for the fourth week on Sunday. This has become one of my favorite families in this area and it makes me so happy to see them returning to the blessings of the gospel. The best part is that we didn't even have to do anything. We showed at their home after they'd stopped attending for about 6 months because they got offended by a member. The story they shared was sad and the offense was real,  and we honestly didn't know what to say to them. As we pondered I prayed in my heart that we'd know how to help them, and almost immediately we started sharing a principle of the gospel which we were prompted to give. We knew that it hit home when on fast Sunday they came to church and the sister bore her testimony and mentioned, almost word for word, the message we'd left with them and how it helped them  have a desire to come back to church. It was a testimony builder to me that God really does know his children, and all we have to do to help someone is to listen to the promptings that come by His Spirit.


Loko Loko (and yes that's a Selfie Stick)

The one and only Angeles District 2.
From left to right- Elder Clouds, Sister Tikeri, Sister Borrowman, Sister Mepania, Sister Halblieb, and Elder Operio

Elder Chand and the Duck

"Hey, where are the keys?"

"Ah, there are the keys!" (Don't worry I didn't actually drive it).

Anyways everyone until next week stay strong and rock on. :)
-Elder Cloward

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