Thursday, September 10, 2015

E-mail Aug. 30, 2015 "Translation po?"‏

Dang it, I had so many pictures I was going to send this week but unfortunately something is still wrong with my camera and I can't bet the pictures back. I'm going to see if I can get it fixed soon but until then pasensya everyone.

In the Philippines if someone doesn't understand what's being said they'll hold their nose and say "nosebleed" to signify that they don't know what's going on. I've had the biggest nosebleed of my life these last 6 weeks as most of our teaching is done through translation and although most of the members know English they think it'll help me learn faster if they speak to me in Tagalog. It's been a stressful challenge and I've given up on learning this language more than once now, but as I've re-committed myself these last couple of weeks it's been amazing to see the results. For the first time since I got here I was able to follow my enough of what my companion said during a lesson to pick up where he left of without his having to translate for me. As I listen to the talks in sacrament meeting I can pick up more and more of what they say and I can generally get at least the topic of whatever conversation is going on around me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near being able to communicate and I can only say a few phrases but It's amazing to see how a little bit of work and a lot of help from the Lord is helping me to be at least a little more effective in the work here. Before I speak too soon though let me mention that we got two new missionaries in our apartment this week, both native Tagalog speakers, so it looks like my happy days of Elder Operio speaking English in the apartment are gone. Here's to the Gift of Tongues and what I'm sure will be many more nose bleeds before I get back to India. Cheers.

Anyways Everyone until next time- 
Ako po si Elder Cloward, ako po si pogi, Gustung-gusto ko ang lahat ng sa iyo.    

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