Monday, December 8, 2014

E-mail Dec. 8, 2014 "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow... Please!"

Well the Christmas season is here and I barely even noticed. It's so weird not having to wear a coat to shop for Christmas trees or not being able to see the lights or hear festive music. The culture down here is predominantly Hindu and Muslim so it's difficult to even talk about Christmas with anyone, however the church has issued a challenge to the missionaries and to the members of the church worldwide to spread the joy Christmas to all over the world this year. If you have time go to and watch the video that the church made and think about what you can do to help those who are in need of this message this Christmas season. Oh, sorry, now that I'm a missionary I'm learning that "when you have time" means "if you remember it in a few months please make a note so that you'll remember to remember it next year", So on second thought, stop reading this email and check it out right now. :)


Do it now.

Stop reading this and watch the video, dang it.

(From Jen (mom): "I've included it in the post below to make watching the video easy on you!")

Alright, now that you've all been spiritually uplifted try to do something to share this message with your friends and family this season, whether it be through facebook, twitter, other social media, or if you really want to be old school and actually tell people about it face to face that works too. ;)

In other news this week was a slow week. We had appointments bunk left and right and there were many time when we sat down on the side of the road for a good chunk of time just trying to think of what we could do and who we could go visit. I knew long before I came on my mission that I would have weeks like this and I know that the Lord is giving me a chance to learn patience but I have to wonder if there's more I could've done that would've prevented a lot of the stress that came this week. And if I'm being completely honest the answer is yes, there were several things I could have done better that would've helped us this week. I fear that if I'm not constantly checking myself, I'll fall into a rut where I get lazy and keep doing the same things because it's easy. I don't want that, so this week my goal is to study Preach my Gospel really hard and find out where I can improve and work a little harder to make that happen.

Anyways sorry this is short but my time is up and it's about time to go save souls again.

Until next time-
Elder Cloward

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