Monday, December 15, 2014

E-mail: Dec. 15, 2014 "Gloomp"

That was the closest word I could think of to describe the sound that was made as I accidentally dumped out my entire bottle of consecrated oil on another elder this week. One of the elders in our apartment was having some lower back pains so he asked us to give him a blessing. He asked me to do the anointing so I found my small bottle of oil (that I thought was almost empty) and started to tip it out over his head. My attention got distracted for just a moment and when I looked back my bottle was empty and there was enough olive oil on his head to fill the other five virgin's empty lamps. The other Elder then gave the blessing and quickly washed off his hands.
In a very literal sense I think that this Elder knows what it feels like to "have blessings poured out upon your head."

We also gave a few other blessings this week to other people who requested them. One such occasion was at the home of a new investigator whom we were going to teach. As we arrived, the man (who is well stricken in years) was lying on his bed in what I could tell was a considerable amount of pain. We sat down and at the same time a nurse came to the home carrying a machine that he quickly hooked up to the man's chest to find out what was causing the pain. After the test was finished and the man was given multiple shots we shared a short message and asked him if he would like a blessing. He agreed, and after giving the blessing we left so that he could rest, Several days later the member who had been with us to see this man told us that the day after we had come the pain had left completely and even though the man didn't know if it was more the medicine or the blessing that had healed him he was giving thanks to God for the miracle. We're going to continue to teach him now that his heart is being prepared.
Our God is a God of miracles, and those miracles happen through the power of the Priesthood. I testify of that.

We've encountered something we call the "white tax" when we have to take an auto somewhere. My companion, Elder D'Vaz, has taken the initiative to bargain for our prices because he looks like an Indian and the auto drivers will give him a better price. Last night as we were coming home I walked a few paces off into a shadow so that he could negotiate alone and get a better price. He got the price he wanted and gestured for me to come over. As soon as I stepped into the light the auto driver's face fell and he demanded that we pay him a higher price. I was ready to tell him "heck no brother, you're racist" but my companion exercised his Christlike love and gave him the price he asked for. I learned that I either need to learn more humility or get a spray tan, we'll see which happens first.

Anyways until next week study hard and stay strong. :)
-Elder Cloward

From Jen (mom):

One of the other moms on our missionary parent's Facebook page posted these statistics this morning:

"In 2005 India had 5,951 members. Today India has 11,690 members. In just ten years the church membership as doubled. There are currently 82 missionaries serving in the Bangalore mission. This week they have 6 baptisms, 7 confirmations, 37 investigators with a baptismal date, and 95 investigators who attended Sacrament Meeting."  Incredible!

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