Wednesday, October 8, 2014

E-mail: Oct. 6, 2014 "Everybody watches white people..."

And they do:
"Elder Cloward, stop petting that dog, people are watching you."
"Elder Cloward, don't sit in that room, People are watching you."
"Elder Cloward, Get your head back in the train, people are watching you."

I can't get away with anything over here, It's terrible.

This week has been pretty awesome, our investigator who was baptized last week got confirmed and is happier than ever. It's incredible to see the effects that one or two good examples can have on people. Madhu, our recent convert who took over a year to join the church, is helping others to come unto Christ without even saying anything. There's a sister who we started teaching who was visited by the missionaries several time more than a year ago but didn't make any efforts to continue to learn after they (unfortunately) stopped coming. She recently asked the missionaries to come back though, because she saw the almost unbelievable changes that her friend Madhu had made because of the gospel. The husband of the women we just baptized is a less-active who is beginning to keep the commandments and come back to church because of the example of his wife. One of my favorite quotes by a general authority goes something like "preach the gospel at all times and in all places, and if necessary use words." When we take upon ourselves the name of Christ through baptism and taking the sacrament we have the responsibility, not the option, to be an example for Him in all times and in all places. When we do so we will make a difference, even if we don't always find out about it.

Oh, and what do Joseph Smith, Tom Hanks, And Toby McGuire all have in common?
Apparently to Indians they all look like Elder Cloward.

Until next time-
Elder Cloward

P.S. Pictures are coming, I promise.

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