Monday, October 13, 2014

E-mail Oct. 13, 2014 "...but what will you do about the light in their eyes?"

Conference came a week late here so I got to watch it this weekend instead, but it was well worth the wait. I felt completely uplifted and recharged after the messages that were given and I'm so grateful for the opportunity we have to listen to a living prophet.

My companion has a gift for noticing any and all details in anything. We'll be walking through a crowd of hundreds of people and he can find and point out a ward member on the other side of the street in the split second they're visible, and it's a skill that has helped us in our work in multiple ways. One such example is that he can look at someone's face and determine whether or not they're a Christian as they walk past. At first I thought he was making it up, but as I tested his abilities he was right every single time. I asked him how he can tell and he says that the face of any Christian is literally physically different than that of a Hindu or Muslim. There's an important principle to be learned there: when a person willingly follows Jesus Christ over time the change that takes place on the inside manifests itself through your physical features. If that's how drastically just being a Christian changes someone, think of how much more a faithful member of the restored gospel can be changed if they remain true to what they now is true. Just some food for thought. :)

I also invented a new game this week, I call it "cockroach golf". The rules are very simple, when we come back to our apartment each night I walk inside and after switching the light on I see how many I can hit across the living room with my makeshift driver (a broom) before they scatter. It requires speed, agility, lightning reflexes, and leaving plenty of crumbs on the floor before we go out in the morning.

Entertainment in Hyderabad is golden.

Until next time-
Elder Cloward

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