Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Email Sept. 23, 2014 "Rainy season? This much water would make Noah blush."‏

"...And thank you for sending Elder Cloud and Elder Surya to my home, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
Elder "Cloud" is going to start teaching pronunciation classes on p-days now. Regardless though, the prayer was offered by a very faithful little boy who's doing an excellent job at preparing for baptism, so I don't mind. ;)

This week has been very insightful and very stressful, funny how those two seem to go together more often than not. I'm continually reminded to pay more attention to the million things that are constantly going on around me, especially when I about get hit by a bus,
and over,
and over again.
Please pray that I stop walking around with my head in the clowards. The hardest thing that happened this week was probably all the potential investigators that we set appointments with that never showed up. I had been praying that we could meet people who are being prepared for the gospel, and so the last few weeks we met a bunch of people who had been wondering about religion and had excitedly accepted teaching appointments. I thought it had been an answer to my prayer but then all of our appointments with them feel through. As disappointing as that was though, that same night the Lord reminded me that He's still listening and watching by sending us one of the best investigators we've had so far. It just goes to show that every cloward has a silver lining.

Oh, and my companion refers to our potential investigator sheet as our "hit list", I'm not sure if he completely understands what that means, but I'm going to let him keep using it anyways. ;)

Anyways until next time everyone. :)
-Elder Cloward

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