Tuesday, May 31, 2016

E-mail May 23, 2016: "Ummm..."

I'm actually not sure what to write this week. It was hot, we worked hard, we taught many people, it was hot, we invited someone for baptism and she accepted, and it was really hot. The days are flying by now and I hope it doesn't slip away too fast. Unfortunately there wasn't too much that happened in the "exciting" category, but then again that's probably a good thing. Push starting a bus or getting your appendix out tends to make one a tad phobic of exciting experiences so I'm actually not too sad that we had a relatively boring week.

A sad part of this week though is that Raju, our main investigator whom we've  been preparing for baptism got cold feet about his baptism date and says he wants more time to think about it. We were pretty bummed about that but now he won't pick our calls and we're wondering if he's even interested anymore. It's heartbreaking when you get to know someone and have such high hopes and then everything falls apart. We're going to continue to pray for him as we try and contact him again but I'm not sure where he'll go from here.

The great news of this week is that the new sister we found last week accepted a baptism date. Her name is Mary and we met her when she called is over to her home to do a prayer when she saw us walking down her street. We quickly saw that she was different from our other investigators after she actually came to church the day after we started teaching her. She accepts everything we're teaching her and she frequently comments on how happy our message makes her. She came to church again yesterday and she's preparing for baptism at the beginning of next month. Months and months of hard work are beginning to pay off as we are finally finding those who will accept our message. I'm grateful how even when we start losing hope for one investigator God helped us to find someone who is truly prepared. :)

Anyways sorry this is short but our time's up. Stay strong and Rock on everyone. :)
-Elder Clouds

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