Monday, May 2, 2016

E-mail May 2, 2016: "Hotter than - "

I'm sweating like a pig as I write this. We did our mailing in an internet shop today and the current just went out. Luckily the computers are hooked up to a generator but unfortunately our life-sustaining ceiling fans are no longer in motion. I'm trying to type fast before I succumb to indoor heatstroke.

This week was HOT. We're experiencing record breaking highs here in Hyderabad and I'm pretty sure I'm already a few shades darker than last week. Thankfully the missionaries here haven't had any problems. We're trying to be smart when we go out and work so we generally stay out of the sun in the afternoons. Still though, if it gets any hotter I'll be a puddle with a name tag.

The work is a little bit slower here in our area but we're trying to work hard and do our best. We invited several people for baptism last week but each of them rejected. They have fears about how life will be different or how they're family will treat them if they join the church and so we're going to keep meeting with them to help them to progress and gain a testimony. It's nice that we at least know their specific concerns so we can know how to help them but I'm still hoping and praying that God will lead us to one or two more golden families before we're through.

Oh hallelujah, the fans are back now. I think I'll survive now.

Despite the challenges we're facing we're seeing great progress with one of our investigators, Raju. My companion and I met Raju about a months ago as we were walking around at the edge of our area. We talked to him on the street and he invited us to come to his home. The first time we taught him we learned that he didn't believe in any particular religion and didn't have much knowledge about Jesus Christ. As we taught him about the restoration he had a ton of questions, many of which were very difficult. As he was talking I said a silent prayer asking for the Spirit to be with us. As we started answering his questions the words just flowed and I realized that what I was saying wasn't coming from me. The Spirit touched all of us that night and although Raju had been very skeptical at first he agreed to meet with us again. Since then he has read from the book of mormon between every appointment and he came to church for the first time yesterday. He recognized the second counselor in our stake presidency who was presiding in our ward as his schoolmaster from when he was young and they caught up after sacrament meeting. Crazy small Mormon world. I'm so grateful for the Spirit who helped us to answer his questions that first night and who is continuing to help him to gain a testimony. If things keep going well Raju will be baptized by the end of the month. Cross your fingers for us. :)

Stay strong and rock on everyone. :)
-Elder Cloward

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