Monday, February 29, 2016

E-mail Feb. 29, 2016: "Oh no, I said it..."

While I've been in India I've noticed that there are many habits and idiosyncrasies that are unique to the culture here. Many of these things are fun and quirky and I've enjoyed picking up on them. Things like bobbing my head when I talk, using expressions from the local language such as "Aiyo!" (Oh my goodness!) and "epide ah?" (wait, really?), eating with my hands, and many other things that have become a part of me now, however there are a few things that I said I would never do, one of which is using the term "five minutes."

In India when someone says " only five minutes" what they really mean is "at least 45 minutes" or "I have no idea how long" and knowing that has helped me to avoid a lot of wasted time. However tonight as I went to borrow the key for the clerk room from the security guard (yes the church buildings here all have security guards, sweet right?) I knew I would be spending at least 30 minutes finishing some work and yet I inadvertently told him "five minutes, brother."

I've officially been broken in all the way now. I just hope that this and my other bad habit of crossing a busy street while sticking out my hand to stop the traffic don't stick around too long after I get home.

Our investigator Prem was baptized yesterday and I had the privilege of performing the ordinance.

Prem is the one who told us that he would never be baptized but after we invited him to read the Book of Mormon he did so and gained a strong enough of a witness of it to change his mind. The service was excellent and I felt the Spirit very strong as he testified to me that what we had done was good. Baptisms always serve as great reminders of why I'm out here and how God really is in charge of His work. I testify that the guiding hand of the Lord these last few months is the reason for the baptisms we've had and were it not for Him none of them, especially yesterday's, would have been possible. Always remember that the Lord has all power and He can do anything for us if we will let Him. :)

Oh, and sorry there are no pictures of the baptism today. We had some "technical difficulties" here at the church so I'll have to send them next week.

Anyways love you all. Stay strong and rock on. :)
-Elder Cloward

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