Saturday, February 27, 2016

E-mail Feb. 15, 2016: "Tracting? What's that?"

Yup we did it, for probably the first time in my entire mission I experienced the T-word, Tracting.

I think it's funny how everyone always associates missionary work with knocking on doors and handing out flyers and in my mission we do very little of that. There's a reason of course; due to the potentially hostile individuals who are seriously opposed to spreading Christianity in India and who may or may not know who we are we've been trying to not show up at peoples doorsteps offering to help them change religions. There's been little bit of fear among the missionaries here for a long time when we think about going out of our way to show people who we are and what we do, and for good reason. In fact in one city the missionaries don't wear their tags and there was a solid month where I didn't even wear a tie outside because it was considered unsafe. The culture of fear that we've been living in is coming to an end though as our mission president has been inviting us to exercise our faith and trust on God to keep us safe. President Berrett feels it's time set our fear aside and start showing India that we're here, so he's invited us to do more open proselyting and start talking to people wherever we are. My companion and I desperately need new people to teach so we tried it out on Wednesday and knocked on doors until our knuckles were sore. It's interesting the type of people you meet when you tract; some are warm and friendly, others turn us away or try to convince us that were not really Christians. As we experienced those and many more such interactions that afternoon I couldn't help but think "wow, is this what missionary work is like everywhere else?" The day ended up being fruitless for us in finding new investigators but I'm sure that as we exercise our faith and put away our fears God will start working miracles, just like He always does.

Elder Samson got transferred last Tuesday. We had a great time together and as he said goodbye to the people here in Coimbatore I noticed several people get misty eyed. He truly made a difference the 6 months he was here, and I hope that I can emulate his example of love and diligence.

My new companion is Elder Krishnavelu, and his name literally means "The Spear of God", and if it wasn't a Hindu god it would be perfectly appropriate for his calling. He's a native of Bengaluru and we actually came on our missions at the same time. He's soft spoken with a big heart and he loves a good joke. I'll think we'll have a good time together. ;)

Anyways until next time everyone, all the best. :)
-Elder Clouds

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