Wednesday, August 5, 2015

E-mail Aug. 2, 2015: "That's right Satan, take that!"

During this last year on my mission one of the most prominent things I've learned is how to ask inspired questions and how to be led by the spirit as we teach. Inspired questions are questions given to us by the spirit that spark an idea or a feeling in the mind and heart of someone we're teaching. It often comes as a question that requires contemplation on their part and, if it truly is inspired, it's exactly what they need to hear in the moment that they need to hear it. Learning to listen to the Spirit and to recognize what He wants us to say and do is something that's difficult at times and was hard for me to learn, but this last week as we were teaching I felt over and over again the confirming voice of the spirit as I said things that were not my own words. One example was when we were teaching two sisters about the Book of Mormon and they didn't seem particularly interested. It was hard to get responses from them and they weren't understanding what we were saying very well. As we neared the end of the lesson as we were about to testify about how they could receive an answer I had the impression to ask them if they've ever felt like God had given them an answer to something before. My first thought was "I can't ask that, what if they never have and they get embarrassed?" and "They'll just respond to this the same way they have to all the other questions." I asked the question anyways though, and the results surprised me. Instead of looking down and mumbling or not answering at all both of the girls lit up and energetically expressed that they had felt like that before and went on to describe how it felt to them. The entire mood of the lesson changed after that and we finished the lesson with all of us feeling uplifted. There were several other times this week when  similar thing happened during a lesson, especially as we were teaching less actives. The results? We had more less actives at church this week than I've seen in a long time and most of the people we're working with are beginning to keep their other commitments as well, every time. It's encouraging and refreshing to see how when we trust in the Lord His Spirit works through us and settles into the lives of those around us. I can see more and more how God really is in charge of this work, and slowly but surely I watch as Satan's tactics crumble and he loses his power over the lives of our brothers and sisters. Miracles happen when we listen to the Spirit, I testify of that.

In other news this week I officially miss Indian food. Don't get me wrong, most of the Filipino food here is great, but it trends to be very mild and sweet and I miss the kick of a good chicken curry. My withdrawals for something spicy are so bad that I've started putting chili sauce and turmeric powder in everything I cook at home. From corned beef and potatoes to sweet and sour instant noddles, it does the trick, and I go to sleep each night satisfied on a full and fiery belly. I often ask my companion if he wants me to prepare extra for him but he usually declines, and once when I asked a member to try a dish I had prepared he took one look at the deep red color and utterly refused. Oh well, curry's not for everyone I guess.

And once again I apologize for not sending pictures. I've taken plenty to send but my camera isn't working right now so I'll probably have to get it fixed first.

Anyways everyone until next time rock on. :)
-Elder Clouds

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