Sunday, November 16, 2014

Email: Nov. 10, 2014 "MTC Pictures!!!"

Hah! I finally figured out how to get the pictures off my camera! Here's a few from the MTC:

My MTC district.  The coolest bunch of spiritual guys that world has ever seen.

 My and my companion, Elder Pereira.


...Yup, this pretty much explains our relationship.

(Insert cat call whistle here)

Chillin' on P-day with our caffeine-free Mountain Dew.

Someone was showing their love for my companion.

"Challenge Accepted"

And last but not least, this is our "Indian in the Cupboard"  ;)

Note from mom (Jen): 

I asked him for more details about every day life and this is what he told me this week:

Change in plans, I'm not DL right now (thank goodness) but I picked up my new trainee on Thursday and we've started the process of re-breaking in our area. His name is Elder D'Vaz, an 18 year from Canada who is about as great as they come. It's been super easy to get to work because he's obedient to the mission rules and works hard, I'm excited for these next three months. :)

I went to Bangalore for training on Tuesday and I had the chance to see more of the metropolis that is the center of our mission. It's almost completely westernized there, with huge shopping centers, tons of side shops, a Lamborghini showroom, and several Krispe Kreme locations (we passed three just walking that day). It's interesting to contrast that city with Hyderabad where although there are tons of building and plenty of shopping centers, the traditional Indian culture is still widely preserved. 

When we interact with people it's almost like living in America 60 years ago; most of the morals and values that were so common in the 50's are still very prevalent here, which I love. It's so easy to talk to anyone and have a good, sincere conversation. 

There are 4 people in our apartment; Myself and my companion, and our zone leaders; Elder Ravindran and Elder Dusara. Elder Ravindran is a native from Bangalore who is half business machine and half comedian. Elder Dusara is from Washington state and I'm pretty sure he wrote the book on having fun. The most interesting thing I've eaten so far would probably be a chicken heart, which actually wasn't bad but I about died when the Elders fooled me into thinking it was a different part of a chicken... 

Love you and I'll talk to you again next week. :)

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