Wednesday, November 19, 2014

E-mail Nov. 17, 2014 "I'm probably, most likely, definitely coming to church."‏

That was the response we got from a man we met this week, and unfortunately despite his convincing statement he didn't come. In fact, all 10 of the people that committed to come to church this week mysteriously went missing Sunday morning. It was really frustrating to see people whom we thought were making so much progress fail to keep that crucial commitment, and the hardest part is not being able to make them see why coming to church each week is so important. The second hardest thing about that is having them tell us face to face that they're coming and then just not showing up. I went on exchange with some other elders about three weeks back and it was interesting for me to watch as their investigators, instead of committing to an invitation, told them flat out "no, I won't read the Book of Mormon, I don't believe in that one." It reminded me of the parable Christ told about the father who told two of his sons to go to work. The first son said that he wouldn't do the work, but later changed his mind and did it. The second said that he would do the work, but never followed through. Which son do you think the father was pleased with? Our actions will always speak louder than our words, even if our words are packed with good intentions.

Okay, spiritual rant over.

In other news, this week I've encountered an undesirable situation in which I don't have enough socks to last the whole week. I think I accidentally left some at the MTC, but the biggest problem is that after the socks I have left come out of the washing machine it takes 72 hours, three fans, 150 degree weather and a blowtorch to dry them out completely. I tried wearing a slightly wet pair one day because I literally had nothing else to wear except for white ankle socks (and that's just a no-no) and the results were not great. That night we had FHE with a member family, and although my nose was out of commission due to a cold, I realized, when the wife discretely plugged her nose during the closing prayer, that I had unleashed a deadly monster into their home the moment I took off my shoes. After that I knew that something had to be done, and because we lack a dryer I was forced to get creative. In short I realized that by keeping my socks on a frying pan on low heat it would finish drying them out and I could wear them immediately. My method worked beautifully on the first two pairs, but as I once again got caught up my own brilliance I neglected to watch the third pair.  Almost 45 minutes later the apartment was filled with smoke (that tends to happen a lot when I'm there) and I was forced to lay my charcoal-black pair of socks to rest.

You know how people say you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their sock drawer? Well if anyone looked at my sock drawer now I think they'd be able to determine that I'm a pretty "smokin' hot" individual.

...Okay, I know, that was terrible.

Anyways until next time, this is Elder Cloward saying pray hard and peace out. :)

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