Monday, August 25, 2014

E-mail: August 25, 2014 "Second week in curry heaven"

I think the most important thing I've learned this week is exactly how much the Lord loves his children and will give them incredible amounts of strength when they choose to follow Him and change their lives for the better. I've been here a week and we've already had two baptisms, and while technically the previous Elders from this area did most of the teaching and set the baptism dates we got to see them take these final steps before entering the font yesterday. One of the converts, Mathu, has changed his life dramatically in order to be a part of the church, including quitting tobacco, resisting negative comments from his family, and committing to keep the Sabbath day holy even to the extent of telling his boss that he has to have Sundays off or he'll look for a new job. It's been amazing to see the gospel change these lives the way it has. :)

The second most important thing I've learned this week is to not get into a cake fight with an Indian, because you'll lose. We visited a less active family this week and it was one of the boy's 16th birthday so my companion got a cake and, well, one thing let to another and before we knew it we were cleaning frosting out of our ears. Be it known though that, like a true American, I didn't get involved until I felt that my personal safety was in jeopardy and I had no other choice but to defend myself.

I also witnessed my first beef-deal this week. It was perfectly smooth and almost undetectable- late at night away from any streetlights a man pulled up close to another man on his motorcycle and quickly withdrew a small black plastic bag from under his jacket, and like a flash the exchange was made and the customer tucked the contraband away into his bag and left the scene.
On a totally unrelated note my companion made the most delicious and satisfying beef curry that I've ever had that night.

Everything else continues to go well here. I'm getting to know the members and investigators, I'm studying Preach My Gospel and the scriptures like crazy, and I'm feeling the spirit more than I think I ever have before. I'm constantly reminded of how different my american ethnicity stands out like a sore thumb here though as all the Indian children don't even try to hide their astonishment at seeing someone so white. The courageous ones will come up to me and shake my hand while the more shy part of the group will take pictures from a safe distance. It's fun. ;)

I've got to sign out now but until next time may the spirit be with you. :)

-Elder Cloward

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