Monday, April 20, 2015

E-mail: April 20, 2015 "Transfers"

In our mission there are 6 or 7 different cities where the missionaries serve. Some of them, such as Hyderabad and Bangalore, are larger and far more crowded than than most cities in the US. Others are much smaller, quieter, and closer the the natural beauty that India has to offer, and I've been praying for 6 months that I would get sent to one of those. Utah is considered "the mission factory" in this mission because that's where most of the US Elders come from, and there's a city in eastern India called Rajahmundry which is the mission factory for Indian Elders. My trainer came from that city, and I've had the chance to meet many of those members when they came to Hyderabad for a conference, and I've been hoping beyond all hope that I would get to go and serve the people in that region. My last companion, Elder D'vaz, got called to serve there shortly after I left to Bangalore, and although I brushed it off as a mere coincident that time when the assistants called Elder Thompson last week and told Him he'd be transferred to the Rajahmundry 1st branch I almost went into a raging fit. The Lord has a cruel sense of humor I testify of that.

Aside from my pain and disappointment over watching my last three companions go to the area I've been yearning for and my sadness over losing Elder Thompson, I'm excited for my new companion. His name is Elder Dias; a fun loving, fast talking, great cooking Elder who always has a joke or funny story to tell. The only downside? When I met him the first time 6 months ago I learned that he's thoroughly convinced that all home schoolers are weird and socially deprived. I guess it'll be my job to prove him wrong. *cracks knuckles* 

Anyways other than that the work is still continuing to move forward, things are beginning to go faster and we're slowly but surely locating the seemingly endless list of less actives that live in the most absurd corners of this labyrinth of a city. The Lord is in this work, and I'm able to see his hand more and more as I strive to be obedient and recognize His guidance in all things. :)

Until next time- when you feel like you're drowning in life remember that your life guard walks on water. :)

-Elder Clouds

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